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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What Happened?

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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Stopping to take care of my plants this weekend, I found that the tiny plants have been losing their soil through the bottom of their pot little by little through watering. Soil, as you know, is a plant's soul. They cant' live without it. My plants were losing their souls! Since those huge bags at the nursery were enough to cover the past history, present and future of my plant, my hubs and I found this little bag of soil for only $1.99. Perfect.

While picking up the soil, my husband bought me two more little herbs. Happy Wife. :) Lately, I've been attending Martha Stewart's Cooking School and focusing on herbs.

No, not real pencil and paper school, but it's actually a book I found at the library. =P It's really helpful in teaching about the basics of techniques and ingredients. Chef Michael Symon said something like... If you learn a recipe, you learn 1 recipe, but when you learn the characteristics of an ingredient, you can cook 100 recipes and more! So I've been trying to run with that in mind tasting the spice individually before tossing it in the pot, smelling it, noting where it's used and everything just short of wrapping it in a blanket and rocking it to sleep.
So I got two herbs I've been trying to use more for reinforcement learning. Here's my current plant collection with the new additions. Welcome to the family Rosemary and Oregano. :)

Currently, three of them are herbs, two of them are plants that tickle me funny and then there's my green onion garden. You can't really see it in the picture, but the green onions are arranged in four straight rows for maxiumum growth and aesthetics. :)

There's lemon grass in some of my cooking this week and I had some stalks leftover, so I'm going to try to coax them to grow in their pot. You can do it, lemon grass!

Lemon grass is very surprising. It's kind of a stiff stalk like some kind of light bark of a tree, but if you bite down on it once and "nom nom nom" to taste it as you would wine, it's tastes like a citrus, lemon-E ping.

Ping! :)

Bon Appetite!

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